Bsnl disadvantages

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Bsnl disadvantages

For example, you can opt to choose for Voafone services on your Airtel number or vice-versa, courtesy MNP.

Bsnl disadvantages

As of now mobile number porting can be done only within the same telecom circle and not on inter-state or inter-telecom circle basis. How to port your mobile number?

PORT Your existing operator will immediately provide with an 8 digit alpha-numeric porting code that you need to submit to the operator you wish to opt to along with relevant documents. Can I migrate a number from one state to another via MNP?

Unfortunately, currently you can only migrate to another operator within the same circle. But inter-state portability will be launched in India very shortly. What are the minimum and maximum time specified for porting number from one operator to another?

Porting time could be anything between 24 hours to 4 days. What are the charges for Porting to another operator?

As mentioned above, service providers can charge a maximum of Rs.

Bsnl disadvantages

Who is eligible for availing mobile number portability? Any customer having a mobile number older than 90 days can migrate to another operator with the same number. Will my number be dead during the porting process? As per the details available, a number will remain dead for 2 hours approximately during the porting process.

Can I migrate my post-paid number to another operator with prepaid services or vice-versa?

FAQs related to Mobile Number Portability:

Yes, that can be done once you clear off all pending dues with the current operator. Will my prepaid balance carry-forward to new operator? All remaining balance on your mobile will get lapsed and will not be carried-forward to the new operator.

Thus, its advisable to completely use the available talk-time before moving to another operator. Can I port my landline number to a mobile service provider? Porting a landline number to a mobile operator is possible in countries like US though, for now, Indian govt.

India might witness landline number portability in the future. Will I get any freebies from the operator I am porting my number to?

Feel free to drop a line below via comments and we shall look into it. For more cloud related software, check http:Atria is the third largest wired broadband internet service provider in India with a market share of % of the pan- India wired broadband internet market as at September 30, according to MPA.

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BSN Lis already an admirable telecom network company which gives outstanding telecom services to the customers. Please give five real life examples in India for the terms monopoly, monopolistic competition and oligopoly.

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