Bressay ness and voe

At 11 square miles 28 km2it is the fifth largest island in Shetland.

Bressay ness and voe

Navigational chart information for Shetland. Active; focal plane 12 m 39 ft ; three flashes every 18 s, white, red, or green depending on direction. Trabas has a distant photo by Nathalie Knopp, and Google has a satellite view. There is a historic photo of the original lighthouse, a small cast iron tower.

Located on an island on the west side of the northern entrance to Bressay Sound and Lerwick, off Blackhill Road about 5 km 3 mi north of Lerwick. Accessible only by boat. Site open, tower closed.

Lerwick Oil Jetty Date unknown. Active; focal plane 5 m 17 ft ; white flash every 3 s. Trabas has a photo by Nathalie Knopp, and Bing has a satellite view. Located on the jetty at the Lerwick oil terminal. Site and tower closed. A complete light station, including a principal keeper's house, two assistant keeper's houses, engine room, and other buildings enclosed by a stone wall.

A photo appears at the top of this page, Trabas has Rainer Arndt's excellent photoRob Farrow has a photoPharologie. In the buildings other than the light tower were sold to the Shetland Amenity Trust.

The two assistant keeper's houses have been renovated for overnight accomodations. In December the light new focal plane 18 m ft ; two white flashes, separated by 2 s, every 20 s was moved to an auxiliary building also carrying a radar antenna.

Located on Kirkabister Ness on the southwest side of the island of Bressay, marking the southern entrance to the harbor of Lerwick, the principal town of the Shetlands.

The island is accessible by a short ferry ride from Lerwick, and the light station is accessible by road.

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Active; focal plane 20 m 66 ft ; white flash every 3 s. A view is available, Trabas has a photo by Helmut Seger, and Google has a fuzzy satellite view. The original lighthouse was relocated from No Ness on the mainland.

Mousa, a Royal Society for the Protection of Birds sanctuary, is accessible in good weather by passenger ferry from Sandwick.

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Active; focal plane 91 m ft ; three white flashes, separated by 2. Rotating 1st order Fresnel lens This is the oldest Shetland lighthouse. The principal keeper's house is available for overnight accommodations. Colin Smith's photo is at right, NLB has a page for the station, Markus Schroeder has a closeup photoRichard Poppleton has a great closeupFelix van de Gein's distant view reveals the spectacular setting of this lighthouse, Pharologie.

The area around the light station is a preserve managed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds; the preserve office is located in another of the keeper's houses. Located at the southern tip of Shetland Mainland about 2.

The original Muckle Roe lighthouse was relocated to serve as the entry kiosk for the station. Princess Anne opened the restored light station in ceremonies in June In February the restored foghorn was sounded for the first time since Site and station buildings open daily April through September.

A 3rd order Fresnel lens is mounted in the tower. Google has a street view.

Bressay ness and voe

This historic lighthouse has been relocated to serve as the entry kiosk for the Sumburgh Head station.Flagstones have been quarried on Aith Ness, northern Bressay (HU ) and in south-east Mousa (HU ).

The Mousa quarry supplied the original paving flags for Commercial Street, Lerwick. The condition of Mousa Broch (HU ), which is still virtually in its original state, is a fine tribute to the suitability as building stone and. Harper Macleod in Shetland, Lerwick, United Kingdom. K likes.

Property for sale in Shetland. Jump to. enjoying magnificent views to the south and west over Brei Wick Bay to the Ness of Sound and out to sea, particularly from the sun porch. and also enjoying stunning views over the harbour approach and across to Bressay.

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The old Norse is Dynrastarnes or the ness of the dinning tidway. That refers to the noise of the Sumburgh Roost. The town is situated on a fine natural harbour on Bressay Sound, almost equidistant from Bergen, Norway and Aberdeen, Scotland, the main transport link by sea. There is a circle of stones near the beach at Housa Voe, which.

Bressay provides a mosaic of habitats which support a variety of wild flowers and breeding birds. The summer moorland is the haunt of species such as Great and Arctic Skua, Curlew, Golden Plover, Common Gull, Skylark and Meadow Pipit.

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A complete list of all properties, including house sites and commercial property, offered for sale or lease, or recently sold. Click on an entry for full particulars. Bressay is a populated island in the Shetland Islands of Scotland.

Geography and geology Bressay lies due south of Whalsay, west of Noss, and north of Mousa. At 11 square miles (28 km), it is the fifth largest island in Shetland. The population is around people, concentrated in the middle of the west coast, around Glebe and Fullaburn.

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