Benefits higher education essay caroline bird s article co

So why do employers place such an emphasis on you earning your degree?

Benefits higher education essay caroline bird s article co

By Vikash Chamaria Education Education is an important medium of acquiring skills and knowledge. Our education begins at home.

Thereafter, as we grow we go to kindergarten, schools, colleges and other educational institutes. Education bring positive changes in human life. It enhances the knowledge, skill, and intelligence of a person and enables him to lead a successful life.

Importance higher education essay russian

Children or kids start going to school to get the primary or elementary education. It is considered a human right for every child to get the opportunity for education. A girl child, too, has the right to go to schools.

Her rights to access education should not be compromised at any cost. After completing education at schools, a student may consider joining a college, or a professional institute for higher studies.

Benefits higher education essay caroline bird s article co

An illiterate person finds it very difficult to cope up with various aspects of life that involves reading writing or arithmetical calculations. Nowadays, adult men and women are going to education centers to learn the basics of education.

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These adults also get health and hygiene related education. A modern educated woman give due importance to her social life as well. Education broadens her outlook. It helps in developing her personality. Self-education can be done with or without the formal education that people get at schools, and universities.

Thus, it can both be complimentary or supplementary to formal education, depending on the way the student is conducting his study on a subject or branch. Advantages of education Education makes us humble.

Education creates awareness and expands our vision.

Benefits higher education essay caroline bird s article co

We become more aware about ourself, about the society, about everything that surrounds and affect our life.

It helps us develop a disciplined life. And, discipline is essential for everything that a person wants to achieve in life. An educated person commands respect in the society. We need money to make our living. With the advancement of science and technology, our needs have increased.

Besides the basic needs of life such as food, shelter and clothing, we also need other comforts such as mobile phones, air-conditioners, car, etc. A fulfilling career ensures a satisfied life.

It is a known fact that an educated person gets better earning opportunities. Education is the key to gender equality and women empowerment.

Educated women are self-dependent, and looked upon with dignity. They are aware of their social, and economic rights. Further, they can teach their children and help them in their studies. Education helps in fighting against human rights violations. It helps in getting rid of social problems such as child labour, and child marriage.

Education is a fundamental right and every child deserves to get the opportunity for education. Importance Education is of utmost importance for eradicating the unemployment problem of our country.

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However, apart from an improved system of general education, there is a great need for the growth of vocational education. Therefore, general education should aim at educating all students up to the secondary standard.Article shared by.

Co-education is a system of educating boys and girls together. In ancient times, co-education was prevalent in Greece. Today, this system of education is there in almost all the countries of the world. A good driver essay habits college in america essay quora favourite country essay bird.

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In Caroline Bird’s essay “College is a Waste of Time and Money,” she examines how college has been viewed for so long as the best place to send high school grads no matter whether they actually want to go or not. Caroline Bird’s article “College is a Waste of Time and Money” Essay Sample Today, when the cost of higher education keeps raising, many people question themselves – is college really worth going to?

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